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Our Frames

There’s no need to drive to the city to find the brand name, luxury, or fashion-forward spectacle frames you’re looking for. Our Certified Optometric Assistants would love to help you find the perfect frames from our selection of nearly 700!

Whether you’re looking for something traditional, glamorous, trendy, geek-chic, or rugged, we’ve got it. We also offer value packages for the more cost-conscious customers with our elements and adin thomas lines of frames.

Some of our favourite lines:

For her: The Mexx line has wide appeal to women of all ages: Jen and Dr. Laurie each have at least one pair in regular rotation. You can dress them up or dress them down. They tend to add interest via shapes and angles rather than loud colours and patterns.
For him: The farmers in our township really appreciate the functionality and durability of Titanflex frames by Tura. These amazing specs feature a titanium-based memory metal that flexes with pressure. Available in a wide range of sizes, these frames are light-weight but not flimsy.
For kids: If you have a child wearing glasses, NanoVista frames are a dream come true. Unbreakable… (Yes, you read that right!)… Fun colours… No sharp edges… Styles for babies up to tweens… Plus, convertible temples that you can swap for a head band to keep specs in place while running and tumbling. Amazing!”

Our Lenses

Not all lenses are created equal. Plastic, glass, polycarbonate, trivex, high index, higher index… You’re not expected to know what to choose. We use professional expertise and consider the characteristics of your chosen frame, the strength of your prescription, and your lifestyle demands in choosing the ideal lens material for you. After choosing material, we’ll discuss lens features like premium antireflection coatings, tints, and Transitions to enhance your vision and functionality in your new lenses.

Lens design technology is constantly evolving. Lenses are now available to reduce fatigue and digital eyestrain, cut blue light exposure, enhance width of ‘zones’ in progressive lenses (invisible trifocals), and improve functionality for desk work. Let’s talk about your visual demands!

UV Protection

All of us need to be conscientious about protecting our eyes against UV damage. Luckily, there are many ways to do so without sacrificing fashion or functionality. We carry a selection of ready-to-wear sunglasses from Kate Spade, Mexx, Buffalo, Ted Baker, and our performance line, Julbo. We can add prescription lenses when needed.

We also have a selection of fit-over sunglasses that go right over top of your regular prescription glasses and provide excellent coverage from the top and sides. Feel too bulky? Consider a magnetic or custom-made hooked sun clip to match your spectacle frame perfectly. Transitions lenses are popular amongst those who always seem to forget their sun protection. Kids’ sunglasses are here too!

Cumulative UV damage throughout our lifetime contributes to eye diseases like cataract and macular degeneration when we’re older. Protect yourself now!

A Selection Of Our Brands

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