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Infant and Child Eye Exams

Children do not generally complain when they are not seeing as they should, since they don’t know any differently. It is not uncommon for a child to appear to function normally, when they are actually only seeing from one eye. Eye disorders children are susceptible to, like amblyopia, strabismus, and binocular vision dysfunction can be treated much more successful when they are caught early.

Adult and Senior Eye Exams

Some of the eye and vision changes we experience throughout our lives are predictable: near-sightedness often develops between ages 9 and 20, and then progression slows considerably; Near focussing ability begins to change around age 40; The earliest signs of cataract are evident in most of us by 65. These are expected and normal changes, and we can optimize your vision through all of them.

Contact Lens Therapy

Contact lenses can provide a welcome change from glasses for a wide range of people. Some people like contact lenses for cosmetic advantages, other people wear contacts because they have an eye condition where glasses can’t provide optimal vision. Today’s contact lenses are very advanced compared to lenses of past; they can correct most spectacle prescriptions, they are designed to hold water and prevent drying out, and they are much healthier for the eyes because they are made out of breathable silicone polymers instead of plastic (HEMA).

Optical Services

There’s no need to drive to the city to find the brand name, luxury, or fashion-forward spectacle frames you’re looking for.  Our Certified Optometric Assistants would love to help you find the perfect frame from our selection of nearly 400 to choose from.  Whether you’re looking for something traditional, glamorous, trendy, geek-chic, or rugged, we’ve got it.  We also offer value packages for the more cost-conscious customers with our elements and adin thomas line of frames.

Laser Vision Correction Comanagement

Tired of wearing glasses and contact lenses? Laser vision correction may be right for you! Dr. Laurie Canham Kilby is an affiliate doctor with both TLC and LasikMD in London, ON. She is able to answer your questions on candidacy, procedures, and pricing between the different laser centers, and she can refer you directly to one or both of them for your consultation.

Eye Disease Management

Serious eye disease is common, and many diseases have no symptoms in the early stages. We believe early detection is crucial for the best prognosis. We diagnose and treat a wide array of eye pathology, and have strong relationships with our local ophthalmologists when surgical referrals are necessary.

Optometrists are the primary care doctors for your eyes; that means we should be your first stop when you suspect a foreign body, eye infection, or have vision loss. Children should be screened by an optometrist at a young age for amblyopia, strabismus, cataract and glaucoma –yes, those can occur in children!

Myopia Control

Myopia is one of the most common eye focussing disorders in the world, wherein the eyeball is too large or too strong to focus images clearly. Near-sighted individuals are blurry for distance viewing. The incidence of myopia is increasing worldwide, and it is occurring at younger ages than were previously seen.

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